Tunnel Park Engagement | Jaycee & Trevor

Throwing it back again today for Jaycee and Trevor’s Tunnel Park engagement session! 2017 was *the* year for bridal shows for me, so of course that’s where I met these two! These two were the epitome of fun, and knew they wanted to show that in their engagement photos, so scroll down to the end for a nod to the epic party they had at their wedding!

You can’t really go to Tunnel Park and not have photos taken in the tunnel!

The weather was absolutely perfect for their session. I could use some of that blue sky and wistful clouds right now!!

This golf ball and tee was one of the props they brought, and it was perfect for a ring shot!

Take me back to that warm water please 😻

As I mentioned, they wanted their wedding reception to be one big party, so they brought some more props to give their guests ample warning!

And party they did! Take a look back at their wedding here and see how Jaycee surprised Trevor at the end of the night!

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