GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER • currently booking 2024 + 2025 weddings

If it were possible for Dwight Schrute, Michael Scott, AND Jim Halpert to have a baby, that baby would be me.

(I could make a colonoscopy fun.)

Big claim? Yes.
Weird thing to say on your wedding photography site? Double yes

But I needed to get your attention and now you’re here.

I’m ridiculously focused on the details and I would never follow a crowd, just like Dwight. I’m goofy and sentimental like Michael. And I have the same level of commitment to FUN as Jim. (Ok, fine, and maybe a *touch* of the awkwardness from all of them.)

On a wedding day, I bring all sides of my personality. I’m so serious about what I do, but that just means I will stop at nothing to make it a good time for everyone involved!

I will handle your timeline, answer every question you have, and keep you laughing the whole time. And on your big day, I will capture every bit of it: from the belly laughs to your movie-worthy smooches. I’m here for you and for your memories.

reach out!

Think about the images a unicorn can conjure up... beauty, color, uniqueness, magic... and that is what I personally feel Jessie and her photography brings to life. She made the entire thing so fun, she gave so much confidence that I let my guard down. I love that she got to capture our inner silly selves, but most importantly... I can't articulate just how good they left me
feeling about myself.

I'm not sure how to say this... but Jessie is a f*ing unicorn.

- Leann & Kevin

two truths & a lie*...

1. I never drink coffee. Diet Coke only, please.
2. I once had a bridesmaid spit her gum out into my hand just before walking down the aisle.
3. I was voted the Class Clown in high school.

*Trick question, all of these are technically true. I got Class Clown by default because—no joke—the girl who initially got it dropped out to be a stripper.

ready to do this thing?