St Andrew’s and Amway Grand Wedding | Kat & Ben

Today’s St Andrew’s and Amway Grand wedding was an absolute highlight of my 2021 wedding season. I wasn’t even supposed to be photographing it! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me mention my ride-or-die Partner in Crime, Heather. Well, for this particular wedding, Heather was “associate-shooting” for another amazing Michigan photographer, Allie Siarto. So Allie hired Heather to photograph this wedding on her behalf. Confused yet? So while this couple didn’t add on a second shooter, Heather wanted to have an assistant there, and let’s face it, we just have more fun at weddings when we’re together. But when she told me where the wedding was, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stand idly by without a camera in my hands. So I very quickly went from “not shooting at all” to “I took 700 images”. Sorry, not sorry, Allie!

First off, our bride Kat was drop-dead gorgeous.

I mean….she was truly stunning.

The ceremony was at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew downtown. Catholic wedding? Yes please!

Stunning bride, amazing ceremony…oh and the groom was an absolute sweetheart?? Here he is tearing up with his soon-to-be Mother-in-Law just before walking down the aisle!

Don’t get me started on his reaction when his bride came down the aisle 🥺

Get yourself a best man who comes prepared!

As if I wasn’t already over the moon about the ceremony, they exited the church to a saber arch!

I swear it keeps getting better. She had a cathedral veil!!

After playing with her veil for a solid 20 minutes, we headed to their party at the Amway Grand Plaza!

Aaaaand then we immediately took them back out for more portraits.

Dear Allie, could you convince these two to get married again? Pretty please? I’ll be there!

Thanks for checking out Kat and Ben’s St Andrew’s and Amway Grand wedding for Allie Siarto! I hope you enjoyed looking through these as much as I enjoyed photographing it! Don’t forget to follow Jessie Silva on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest pretty pictures 😻