Fun & Unique Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding

I have said it time and time again that one of my favorite things about a wedding is how YOU you can make it! I once saw a piece of advice that I thought was a great idea. Think of planning a birthday party for you and your significant other. What elements would you include to celebrate them? Would you have a certain meal? What would your entertainment be? You can absolutely add those ideas when planning a wedding! But if you’re stuck on ideas, here are a few of my favorite fun & unique ways to add personality to your wedding that I’ve seen throughout the years!

Reception Decor

Who says you have to have a traditional cake topper, or a table centerpiece of flowers and candles? Decorating your reception space to infuse your interests is a great way to let people know it’s going to be a fun night! Charlie & Jackie added an extra level of fun with their Lego table numbers. They were actual robots that each table could assemble!

unique ways to add personality

Maggie & Jake got married on Pi Day, and had a science theme to their wedding, so throwing some flowers into glass beakers was an elegant way to add a surprise element!

Attire and Accessories

Another great and popular way to express your personality is to wear it! An easy way for the groom is to have fun socks for him and his groomsmen. You can have your favorite superhero, sports team, or just a funky pattern. Cufflinks and pocket squares are more subtle ways to show off. In fact, Colin’s little robots here were so subtle I didn’t notice them until I was editing their images.

unique ways to add personality

For the ladies, maybe you have a special bracelet or something attached to your bouquet. For Jeannie, she nodded to their love of Dr. Who with custom-painted shoes! For my own wedding, I dyed a small piece of my hair as my “something blue”!

Guest Details

The best way to share your favorite things at your wedding is as your guest favors! For the dog-lovers, Nekoda & TJ offered take home doggie treats! However, the most impressive favor I’ve seen was at Brian & Valerie’s wedding. Brian handmade all of these wooden bowls for their guests!

Favors let the guests take a piece of you home, but what about you taking a piece of them? A reception guest book keeps everything in one place, but I loved Kaitlin & Travis’ unique idea. As avid outdoor lovers, they had their guests sign on a pair of skis!

Infuse a Tradition or Heirloom

Is there something special that your family does at every gathering? Or maybe there’s an heirloom that has been passed through the generations. Of course there’s no better time than at a wedding to continue those traditions! Rachel & Troy took part in the Nuremberg Wedding Cup, which I had never seen before!

unique ways to add personality

Katy wore a garter that was passed through her husband’s family!

Entertain Your Guests

Wedding days go as such: ceremony, drinks, dinner, dancing. But if your guest list doesn’t include a lot of dancers, what else can you do? Get creative and have entertainment like these couples did! Scott & Rebekah’s family and friends were mostly from out of town, so they made their wedding an all day affair – complete with a talent show in the evening!

Zac & Kaley hired a magician to entertain the guests during their cocktail hour!

unique ways to add personality

As a super fun combo entertainment/favor, Jeannie & Isaiah had an artist there doing caricatures for their guests!

Thanks for reading more about fun & unique ways to add personality to your wedding! Are you going to be doing anything different at your reception? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram!