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You are your happiest when you’re together.

… hence this whole spend-the-rest-of-your-lives together choice you’ve made. And hence the search for a Grand Rapids wedding photographer.

That happiness you feel now will be its brightest yet on your big day. Because what you’re doing is really freaking exciting! I want to capture all that bright happiness in photos. I want to give you images that make you say, “We look exactly as in love as we felt that day.”

(And I want to prove that actually taking the photos will be one of your favorite parts of the whole day.)

Want an experience like this?


I feel like you don’t buy it. Which is fine. We literally just met. Here’s what I know for sure: excitement is contagious. And I always catch the bug (can I make a virus joke yet? ...Ehh too soon. Never mind.)

If you’re going to spend the best day of your life with someone, that person has to make you laugh. They should squeal with delight when they nail the shot. They should be just as excited as you!

What if I told you that it was possible to feel comfortable on your wedding day? That taking photos will not be a struggle, but my favorite F-word … FUN?!

"Excited" doesn't even begin to cover it...

Hi, it's me!

Jessie was AMAZING! She is incredibly easy to work with, and after the first 5 minutes you feel like you're just taking pictures with a friend. Everyone who has seen our photos comments on how Jessie perfectly captured how in love we are. I honestly cannot explain how much I love our photos and how much we appreciate the time, attention and flawless quality she provided us with. So I think my pictures will say it best :)

after the first 5 minutes you feel like you're just taking pictures with a friend.

- Jessica & Chad

We aren’t just going to take the photos.

Yeah, we’re gonna print ‘em too.

I’m not insistent about a lot of things. In fact, I will do everything in my power to make sure you two get exactly what you want and nothing else. But there is one hill I will die on: printing your images.

I’m not going to let you invest time and money with me for those magazine-worthy photos to sit in a cloud somewhere. No ma’am. I’ll let you choose your favorites and then help you decide between albums, canvases, and framed prints. Better yet: I’ll design it all too! I want you to relive this day, off your screen.

Why print?

Ohhhhh, I know your type.

You’re the kind of couple who will do whatever it takes to make each other laugh. Like really laugh. Like throw your head back and laugh until you're out of breath. My kind of people!

I want to give you photos that look like that version of your relationship. I want this experience to be so fun, so stress-free, so comfortable that you spend your entire wedding day feeling as good as you did on the night you fell in love. (But like, 1,000x more dressed up!)

How I’ll make that happen.

This is where the magic happens! ✨

Where I get to take all these logistics off your plate and you get to truly start enjoying the excitement of this season. All you have to do is fill this out and you’ll be on your way to the Jessie Silva experience!

Here’s where we move you from overwhelmed to excited.

(Spoiler alert: it includes a lot of dad jokes.)