Fetzer Center March Wedding | Maggie & Jake

Today’s blog post is about Maggie & Jake’s Fetzer Center March wedding on the campus of Western Michigan University! The last wedding I posted, I mentioned how it was the last “normal” wedding. Maggie & Jake got married on March 13, 2020 – also known as Pi Day! It was at this point, we were cautiously proceeding with no clue what was about to happen. The campus already had closed down because there was a couple of cases, but we were still on to get these two married, thank goodness!

I love that nearly all brides have this reaction on their wedding day when the bra comes off before the dress goes on 😹

Maggie and her mom are super close, so they had a ton of adorable moments in the morning!

Meanwhile the guys got ready in another room downstairs!

The Fetzer Center has this large beautiful deck right outside the back, which was the perfect for Maggie & Jake’s first look!

Jake had us all in hysterics all day long! It would have been easy to be caught up in the stress of the wedding at the beginning of the pandemic, but these two were laughing the entire time!

I don’t remember what was said here, but again, he had tears from laughing!

Purple dresses?? Yes please!!

I really love it when the bridesmaids are coordinated but in different dresses! That way it’s easier to match everyone’s personality and body type so it fits them perfectly!

There goes Jake, cracking up again!

I absolutely love personal touches on wedding days, like how two of Maggie’s brothers walked her down the aisle…

…and then her third brother officiated the ceremony!

And yes, even during the ceremony Jake couldn’t control his laughter!

Since their day had a science theme to it, the centerpieces were a collection of beakers!

Maggie’s dress was perfect for twirling on the dance floor!

Maggie had lost her dad a few years ago, so she did dances with each of her brother’s separately.

The brother’s each swapped out to dance with the bride, and each time the room filled more with tears!

And then finally, all of them came out and danced with her. It was so emotional!

Aaaaaand then it was Jake’s turn. Halfway through his dance with mom, his chuckle grew into an uproarious laughter that put all of the guests in tears for another reason! We’re still not sure what was so funny!

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