Fenn Valley Vineyards Engagement | Rachel and Troy

Today’s Fenn Valley Vineyards engagement session is a throwback to 2017, when I first moved back to Michigan! I attended some local bridal shows and had the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing couples! Troy & Rachel were no exception. They already had engagement photos taken, but I feel it’s so important for the same photographer to do both the engagement and wedding photos. This way, we all get to know each other better! I get to see how you interact as a couple, and you get to see how I work! By the time the wedding rolls around, we’ve gotten past the awkward “I don’t know what to do with my hands” poses, and you are able to focus on just relaxing and enjoying your day! That’s why every wedding package already includes an engagement session!

Troy & Rachel really wanted to have their wedding photos taken at a vineyard. Unfortunately we don’t have too many in the West Michigan area. We decided that having their engagement session at one was the next best thing! After looking around, we found Fenn Valley Vineyards. It was a perfect setting, as you can see!

A lot of photographers love to “shoot through” things to add depth to the image. Rows and rows of vineyards offer the perfect opportunity for that!

There always seems to be at least one image in every gallery where I am just struck by how beautiful all my brides are. This was the one for this session!

An absolutely perfect dip!

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