St. Robert’s and Noto’s Intimate Wedding | Katie & Ryan

I am skipping ahead a month for my 2020 recaps for today’s St Robert’s and Noto’s intimate wedding with Katie & Ryan! As we were all optimistic about 2020 being “our year”, these two were no different. But of course, things changed. Their wedding shifted to this small ceremony celebration. As we continue to navigate these – dare I say it – unprecedented times, I want to completely assure my couples that I will work with them in whatever way necessary! For Katie & Ryan, we decided to split up their package. That way, if they decided to not have a larger celebration later, no one would have gotten shorted. Luckily, we get to celebrate downtown this weekend! So in order to prepare, here is the cause of their celebration!

The timeline originally just called for 2 hours. 1 hour for the ceremony and then an hour for portraits of the two of them. But if you know me at all, you know that it is physically impossible for me to be late. So since I arrived while they were getting ready…well I might as well snap a couple photos! Ryan’s best man helped him with his finishing touches.

Katie’s mom and her maid of honor helped her into her absolutely stunning gown!

Remember on last week’s post when I mentioned the one image where I’m awestruck by my clients? This is Katie’s 😻 Seriously, I have the most gorgeous brides!!

They had their intimate ceremony in the chapel at St Robert’s. Since we were only allowed 10 people, this was the perfect size.

I love this one so much. They are so excited to be getting married!

The nice thing about the super small weddings is that you can have a photo with everyone in attendance!

Since it was the end of October, the leaves were just perfect that day!

Katie really wanted to take off her (incredibly gorgeous) cathedral-length veil, but I tortured her a little. I made her keep it on juuuust so I could get this shot. Worth it??

After the photos outside, they were having a dinner to celebrate at Noto’s. But you can’t go to Noto’s and not take advantage of their beautiful staircase!

And of course we had to dip down into their cellar for a few!

Not to mention the outside is gorgeous too!

They also had a cake for their family, so they were still able to have their first slice together!

Thanks for checking out Katie & Ryan’s St Robert’s and Noto’s intimate wedding! I am so excited to party with them this weekend at the JW Marriott downtown! Don’t forget to follow Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks!