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Brides tend to spend a LOT of time finding the perfect dress for their wedding day. You want everything to look perfect, and there are so many options! But then of course you remember – you’ve got a squad of your best friends at your side who you want to look fabulous as well! And again, there are so many options! So for today’s advice post, here are some bridesmaids attire inspiration for you to consider for your wedding!

You can’t go wrong with traditional matching.

It might sound old fashioned, but it’s traditional for a reason. There is certainly nothing wrong with having everyone wear matching dresses! With so many styles and fabric choices, long gone are the days of tacky, frumpy dresses! There will always be a shade and cut that works for everyone, based on the season you’re getting married. This also takes the stress away from having to make any extra decisions.

Branch out with different styles

If you want to add a bit more spice than just the 100% matching, this is a great way to give everyone a cohesive look, but also make them feel comfortable. You can pick out the fabric, length, and color based on your wedding theme and date, and your girls get to choose a style that best flatters their body!

Try out the hottest trend

Taking it another step further, one of the more popular choices right now is an ombre look! Again, the fabric stays the same, but each girl gets to choose their favorite style, while sticking within a color palette. So now, not only do the dresses complement their body type, it also works with their skin tones better!

Give them free rein

Samantha decided for her bridesmaids, they could have free rein! She told them to stick with a rose gold color, but other than that, they could choose a dress that really fit each girls personality. It’s a beautiful way to add some spice to your photos, and actually give them a chance to wear it again.

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Go unique

Still wanting to add more punch to your sidekicks and their outfits? Go unique, like Nick & Kara did! Kara found her floral bridesmaids dresses at Kleinfeld Bridal! It was unexpected, and added the perfect amount of class to their country theme. On a side note, another great way to go unique is to get jumpsuits! I haven’t been lucky enough to encounter a wedding like that yet, but as an avid jumpsuit wearer, I am ALL for it!!

Give them an accessory

It was a cold and snowy March wedding for Katy & Bobby, so to complement their black dresses, Katy’s bridesmaids all had fur wraps to keep them warm! This worked well for the weather, and can be adjusted for your wedding! If it’s fall, think about a nice scarf to wrap instead of fur! Or in the spring, a sheer lightweight wrap would do the trick too. That’s the best part of weddings. It’s unique to YOU!

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I hope you found some useful bridesmaids attire inspiration for your own wedding here! As always, make sure you follow Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram for all the inspiration and advice you need for wedding planning!