Oak Valley Vineyards Texas Wedding | Kevin & Leann

I’m shocked it took me this long to post today’s Oak Valley Vineyards wedding in Texas from a few years ago! This wedding was extra super mega special to me for a few reasons. First off, I love traveling for sessions and weddings. The biggest reason, though, is because it was my best friend’s wedding! Not only was I lucky enough to photograph this amazing day, I also pulled double-duty as Matron of Honor! As a photographer, sometimes it’s fun to be able to go to a wedding and enjoy myself as a guest. For this wedding, however, there was NO WAY I wasn’t going to capture Leann as a gorgeous bride! It really allowed me to get up close and personal when I might not have been able to otherwise.

Kevin and Leann are originally from Texas, and outdoorsy people through and through. So the night before the wedding, we all spent it at Leann’s happy place – a KOA campground! Leann was perfectly content to wake up in a room with no A/C and shave her legs outside 😹

We all headed over to their gorgeous venue, Oak Valley Vineyards to get ready!

Leann’s wedding was full of all the things that make her happy. That includes eating some Twizzlers while getting her hair done!

Because of her curly hair, Leann always struggled to grow her hair long. But she tried extra hard before her wedding not to cut it, and I’d say her persistence paid off!

Leann wore a birdcage veil which fit her unique and fun personality perfectly! It’s probably why we get along so well.

My assistant and I headed down to where the guys were getting dressed. I couldn’t help sneaking a photo of the hottest groomsmen ever – my husband!

Like I said, raised and married in Texas – so jeans were a must!

A behind the scenes of me in action!

I have so many favorites from this wedding, and this is one of them! Studs!

The ceremony was a little tricky, but that’s what assistants are for! I was, however, able to hide my camera in the front row and snap a few from the front!

All the girls know why I included this photo! Pro tip: get yourself a wedding dress that has pockets!!

Quick shout-out to Leann’s vision for her flowers. We bought the flowers wholesale and arranged them all a day or two before the wedding!

Definitely one of my most favorite photos ever 💜

After some family portraits, Leann changed into this adorable reception dress!

If you get married at a venue that has vineyards, you basically HAVE to go dancing in them! Especially if your dress is perfect for twirling!

The sun was just perfect that day 💜

What’s a country wedding without a little cornhole?

And of course, the guys had to kick back with some cigars!

Leann loves whales like I love cats, so this punny cake topper was perfect!

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