5 Tips for Having A Sparkler Send-Off | Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

There is no doubt about it, everyone wants their wedding to look and feel magical! One of my favorite ways to do this is to incorporate sparklers during your reception exit! While you may think it’s as easy as “light sparklers, run through” there are a few more things you should think about. So for today’s post, here are 5 tips for having a sparkler send-off at your wedding!

1. Clear it with your wedding venue FIRST!

First and foremost, make sure your venue allows for sparklers! Some places have tight restrictions against any sort of candle or sparkler. Others may allow them with certain rules, such as being a distance away from the building. If they do allow them, ask if there is any particular area they do or don’t allow them. You might think that 3 foot wide path exiting the building is the perfect spot, but once you cram 75 guests along the edge, holding actual fire out at you, you’re going to wish it was more like 8 or 10 feet!

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2. Inform your photographer so we can plan the best time to do it!

Exiting your venue to a tunnel of sparklers is a great way to end the night, but we can have a little fun first! Playing with sparklers during your nighttime portraits adds that magical touch to your images! (Many people ask me in awe how the image below was taken. It is simply camera settings, and me running behind you with writing “LOVE” backwards in cursive. Easy peasy! 😹) The best time to use the sparklers – both for portraits and for the exit – is when it is after dusk. If it is as dark as possible, the sparklers will show up much better!

3. Buy extra long sparklers.

If we are having fun during portraits, the standard length sparklers are fine, but for the actual exit, you’ll want to make sure you purchase extra long sparklers! Since it will take a few minutes for everyone to have lit theirs, you don’t want your arch to be half dark by the time you run through it!

4. Have torch lighters or candles on hand.

If it is windy, standard lighters or matches may be difficult. The best and fastest way to light a bunch of sparklers at once is to have a few torch lighters on hand, or a couple of candles at the start of the path. It is also a good idea to designate a few people to be in charge to light the guests’ sparklers for them. Tip: people always try to light one sparkler with another. This RARELY works, as the sparklers just tend to fuse together!

5. Think safety first!

ALWAYS remember we are dealing with actual fire here! At most weddings, we are mixing a lot of hairspray, tulle, and alcohol, while holding flames over the couple. Make sure you have at least one fire extinguisher nearby! It is also wise to have a few buckets of water for guests to discard their used sparklers into. One errant metal sparkler in the grass could cause a fire risk, or could even injure someone if they stepped on it!

Thanks for checking out my 5 tips for having a sparkler send-off at your wedding! Let me know in the comments – are you planning on having sparklers at your wedding? If you want to have gorgeous images like these from your day, contact me today to discuss how we can make that happen! And don’t forget to follow Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram to see more ways to add magic and fun to your wedding day!