40th Anniversary Session | Larry & Teresa

I know the title of today’s post is laid out the same way as all of my other ones, but for this 40th anniversary session, it was a little weird to type out “Larry & Teresa” – because this anniversary session is of my parents! We (try to) have Sunday dinner together with my immediate family every week, and the first weekend in May, it happened to coincide with their anniversary, so my mom called me up and wanted to do something a little special! Of course I had to jump on board!

May 2nd, 1981, my parents were married at St. Mary’s Visitation. The same church that my grandpa helped build. Where they had their kids baptized, and sent their kids to school. Where they buried their parents. And where they still attend! After the wedding, my mom moved into the house my dad bought. The same house where they raised two kids with years worth of memories – 40 years worth! The same house where they still live. My mom pulled out her wedding album and wanted to recreate some of their original wedding photos, at the same locations that still hold so much meaning! (And to add another layer, have those photos taken by her uber-talented daughter 😉 )

The lighting wasn’t great and the wind was against us, but this was definitely more about the recreation and not the quality haha. But then of course, I did have to take some Jessie-style photos around the yard as well!

The original!

Everything looks a little different now, but it’s still the same!

Every year my mom mentions how right around their anniversary is when so many things start to bloom!

Thanks for checking out this 40th anniversary session! Now that the weather is getting nicer, sessions will be picking up, so make sure you’re following Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram for all the sneak peeks!