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5 Tips for a Picture Perfect Ceremony

Weddings involve so much planning and so many moving parts, and the day goes by so quickly, sometimes we forget the actual reason we’re all there: the ceremony! Couples worry so much about the reception chair covers, the guest book being in the right spot, and making sure their shoes all match. But remember, your ceremony is the bread-and-butter of your day, and is the most meaningful part. It’s the part that makes you married! So for today’s post, here are 5 tips for a picture perfect ceremony!

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Lumber Yard Event Center Wedding

Lumber Yard Event Center Wedding | Garret & Kallie

I wanted to skip ahead on my blog posts and share more from Garret & Kallie’s Lumber Yard Event Center wedding from July! You might see a lot of familiar faces on this one since Garret is one of my many cousins getting married in the next two years! I may have teared up a little bit when he came out in his suit – they’re all growing up so fast! The groom always looks good in a suit, but I can’t forget how much Kallie absolutely GLOWED as a bride! It was a very hot and sunny day, but you couldn’t tell it by looking at her!

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Rosy Mound Sunset Session | Liz and Colin

I am so excited because Liz and Colin are getting MARRIED THIS WEEK!! WHOOHOO!!! Prepare yourself for what I’m sure is to be an amazing day by checking out their Rosy Mound sunset session!

When Liz first messaged me, I knew it was meant to be. Her inquiry included her and Colin’s love story, which actually had some major similarities to mine and my husband’s. She had seen me at another wedding she was a bridesmaid in, and apparently thought I was cool enough to hire for her own wedding! After some minor Facebook stalking (we all do it, no shame!), I also discovered she knows Robert & Katie – one of my favorite couples that are now my good friends! It was basically a family affair and that we had to work together. Luckily, she agreed!

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How to Include Your Pets on Your Wedding Day | Grand Rapids Weddings

A few weeks ago, I posted some advice on how to include your pets at your engagement session. Well, today’s post is all about how to include them on your wedding day! It’s much easier to have them around for photos, but so much happens on a wedding day that it might not be feasible! Not to mention there might be muddy paws making a mess of your new and expensive attire! So what are the best ways to include your pets on your wedding day?

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Meet Jessie

I’m obsessed with cats, the color purple, and weddings! I absolutely love photographing weddings, and I love having fun with it. I know that having your photos taken isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s my main focus to make sure you have fun every step of the way! Easy, natural posing, and a lot of awkward jokes help me to get the true happy in-love best version of you!

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