Caledonia Backyard Summer Wedding | Sam & Jenna

While 2020 may have been an all around garbage-fest, there were still plenty of reasons to celebrate. While the restrictions lifted for a little during the summer, a few of my couples were able to have their wedding! So today’s post features Sam & Jenna’s Caledonia backyard summer wedding! When I first heard that my insanely gorgeous cousin was engaged, I was excited to be able to attend a wedding as a guest! But then…well, how could I enjoy the wedding if I didn’t get to take their photos?? So I called up two incredibly talented photographer friends of mine, and we split the day. That way, I could trust that Sam & Jenna would get stunning photos, while also being able to enjoy myself and dance with my husband!

Everyone started off getting ready at Jenna’s parents’ house, with the girls commanding the upstairs, and the boys holding down the fort in the basement!

They wrote letters to each other to read before the ceremony! (My favorite part of this is when I get to take a close-up photo of the letter, so I can be nosy and read it later!)

Back upstairs, we did a first look with Jenna and her dad, to which he said “that feels like a mean set-up!” He didn’t shed a tear but he might have been close!

Sam is absolutely a big ol’ teddy bear, so he was all smiles as the ceremony began!

Until he saw his bride walking down the aisle 🥺

They both couldn’t stop tearing up!

Luckily Father Mike, a long time friend of the family, had their backs!

Father Mike to the rescue again, as the Unity Candle kept blowing out!

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Holy Family Catholic Church in Caledonia.

High-fives – I guess Dad approves!

We then headed to Prairie Wolf Park for their portraits!

As always, I was dying for these veil photos!!

My assistants for the day got all kind of gorgeous shots, including some of me behind the scenes whenever I took back over! Shout-out to Heather and Monika for being superstars!

Did I mention Jenna had an incredible veil?!

After portraits, we headed back to Jenna’s parents’ for the party!!

Jenna and her dad killed it with a choreographed dance!

I am super excited for these two to get married next October 💜

These cuties tie the knot this May!

This was Dad booing at the garter removal haha!

And if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might have recently seen a sneak peek of these two. Their wedding was just a few weeks ago!

We ended their perfect night with a sparkler exit and a little magic 💜

Thanks for checking out Sam & Jenna’s Caledonia backyard summer wedding! Come back next week for a follow-up on my recent post about including your dogs in your photos!