Williamsburg National Golf Club Wedding | Jen & Matt

I love looking back at all the amazing clients I’ve had throughout the years. Today’s Williamsburg National Golf Club wedding is no different! I shared previously about my time in Virginia, and how truly influential it was to my photography career. To this day, some of my very favorite images were taken in Virginia, although those blog posts were all lost between a website transfer. If you do a deep dive on my social media accounts though, you can still see some of the images.

This was one of the last weddings I photographed in Virginia. Everything about it was just perfect. The grounds were stunning, and it was a perfectly sunny day. I also remember it was one of those classical “Hampton Roads traffic” type of weekends… if you have never been to the Virginia Beach area, they have these lovely things called bridge-tunnels. First it’s a bridge, then it’s a tunnel….that goes right under water! It’s a terrifying, dark, narrow road, and it is ALWAYS causing slow downs.

My love language is time, hands down, and I HATE being late. But I was late for this one! Luckily, my second shooter that day was incredible. She made it through the tunnel before I did, so she could get started on the details!

Can we just talk about guys in suspenders for a second? It’s always a good move!

Their beloved pup was the ring-bearer – and he was a tank! I remember he wrapped that leash around my leg during the processional. Good thing I was able to quickly escape!

Forever and always enamored with under the veil images 😻

Matt is a police officer, so this cake topper was perfect.

He’s writing a ticket that says “You stole my heart”!

Matt & Jen got a little sneaky during the cake cutting…

…and smashed it into the faces of their Best Man and Maid of Honor instead!

This was my first foray into painting with sparklers. It took about 14 tries, and hours of Photoshop work to take my little white legs out. I’d like to say I’ve perfected it over the years, but this one remains a favorite!

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