Colorful Trash the Dress Session | Chelsea & Eddie

Today’s throwback post was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done! I was the second shooter at Chelsea & Eddie’s wedding way back in 2013, and for their one year anniversary, Chelsea wanted to do something awesome! So we decided on this colorful trash the dress session! This was when I was living in Virginia, so we found a perfectly wooded trail at Deep Creek Lock Park in Chesapeake. The sun was just gorgeous that day!

Chelsea & Eddie came prepared with a handful of props to add a fun addition. They first wanted to get some “normal” anniversary pictures, complete with a photo from their wedding day! After that, they pulled out the big guns. They had filled bottles with water-soluble paint (so no harm to the environment) and went to town! Warning, the following images are not for the faint of heart, but I promise there is good news if you scroll all the way down!!

Let the battle begin!!

As you can see, nothing was off-limits for these two! Head to toe!

They did stop for a couple of sweet moments…

…but it didn’t last too long!

Another all-time favorite image of mine!

Alright, now for the good news. I know some of you are thinking “I could never!” Chelsea decided to just throw her dress in the washing machine when she got home. She sent me a photo and I swear to you, it was whiter than their wedding day! So as long as you have washable paint, you too could have your own super fun colorful trash the dress session!! Just send me a message on my contact page, Facebook, or Instagram, and let’s get you on the books!