Byron Center Fall Proposal | James and Katie

Just this past October, James contacted me about this Byron Center fall proposal. He had a special date planned. It started off with a nice dinner, followed by a walk in the park and s’mores! We talked a lot about how to pull this off so as not to give it away when they arrived, but also since we had never met, how we would know where to meet up! James scoped out Douglas Walker Park that week, and gave me a detailed map! So organized! He picked the perfect spot underneath a gorgeous tree that was at peak color! I had solicited the help of a friend to pose for a “fake session” (which turned out to be one of the most adorable family sessions I’ve ever done!). This way, James’ soon-to-be fiance wouldn’t think I was there for them!

James and Katie are opting for an intimate wedding with their parents and siblings. With the possibility of it being a while before larger events can take place again, they decided why wait? They’ll be getting married this weekend! I can’t wait to play in the snow with them!

Waiting at the park, I saw them pull up and start to walk towards *THE SPOT*, and my heart started beating so fast!! The colors were perfect, and the sunset was absolutely incredible that night. He reached the spot, set down his basket and….

She caught on pretty quickly but was happily surprised!

This is definitely one of my top favorite images from 2020!

At that point she was too distracted to notice anything so I was able to get a little closer.

What’s a proposal without a couple happy tears?!

After Katie’s shock wore off a little, James said she should probably call her sister – because both of their families were waiting across the park!

Once everyone finished oohing and aahing over the ring, I pulled them aside for a quick 5 minute “proper” engagement session.

Since he brought his basket of s’mores, it was time to light them up!

This Byron Center fall proposal was such a special moment, and I’m honored to have been there for it! I can’t wait to celebrate with them this weekend! Make sure to follow Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram for a sneak peek from their day! And if you are planning a proposal of your own soon, send me a message! Let’s make dreams come true <3