5 Reasons Why Two Photographers Are Always Included | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re having a 300 person ballroom wedding or an intimate elopement, there can be a lot of moving parts and plans when it comes to weddings! You want to trust that your photographer is ready to capture whatever happens. Experience and good intuition are definitely required tools to have as a wedding photographer, but I am still only one person. So for today’s post, here are 5 reasons why two photographers are always included in my wedding packages!

Getting Ready

What if you and your soon-to-be are getting ready in different rooms, or even different locations entirely? Having two photographers ensures that you both get the attention you deserve! Granted, sometimes guys don’t typically want the extra attention, but it is a nice opportunity to capture the groom and his best friends hanging out, joking around, and kicking back a few celebratory drinks!

First Looks

This one is kind of a no-brainer. You will both have a reaction to seeing your future spouse for the first time on your wedding day! Plus, these moments can happen so fast. With two photographers, we are able to capture them all. That first gasp from the groom, the tear that rolls down the brides cheek, and even the bridesmaids peeking out from around the corner melting at how adorable the two of you are together!


Even if you had a first look, walking down the aisle is still an extremely emotional moment! Typically I am hidden down in front to capture the exciting moment the walk down the aisle begins. My second photographer is in the back, ready to zoom in on the face of your love for their reaction! This is also a great vantage point to get all of the guests turned around with all eyes on you!

Time Saver

My love language is time, but one of my (many) wedding day mottos is “If it’s on time, it’s not a wedding”. The truth is, something ALWAYS happens at a wedding that causes us to stray from the timeline a bit. That’s a big reason why I like to help plan and pad the timeline, but also why two photographers are so important! Not only can we be in two places at once, but we can also set up our next event while you’re spending time with your friends and family! So while you’re greeting everyone right after you say “I do!”, my assistant and I are getting the lights ready for family photos! That way, we are ready as soon as you are, and you don’t have to wait around for us.

This also comes in handy during the wedding party portraits! Since we’ll capture you with your attendants separately, I can be with you and your side, while my assistant is with your spouse and their side! We can get the images we need in half the time! It also gives us the opportunity to get multiple variations of a pose or location at the same time, giving you even MORE images!

Just in Case

With all the planning and prep put into weddings, you’d think it wouldn’t be hard achieving perfection with every one, right? But again, you just never know what might happen! You’re going in for your first kiss and – OH NO! Aunt Sally just stood up and blocked me! You are finishing up with your first dance with an epic spin and dip and – WHOOPS! You dipped in the opposite direction than I anticipated! These are GREAT examples why two photographers are always included! Since I hold each photographer I hire to the highest standards, I know our images will be the same quality. If one of us happens to be in the wrong spot, chances are the other is in the RIGHT spot!

Thanks for learning more about why two photographers are always included in my wedding packages! If you are getting married soon, you can learn more about what else I include by sending me a message! Also make sure to follow Jessie Silva on Facebook and Instagram for more tips and tricks!