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I know the feelings you have right now.  You are SO excited to marry your best friend!  He makes you laugh like no one else can.  You can’t keep your hands off her (sorry Dad)!  You know you don’t want any basic prom-style posed photos, but you don’t know “the right way” to stand.  You’ve got your wedding organizer ready to be filled out, but you still aren’t even sure of the right questions to ask. Because hey, you’ve never done this before!   Well, that’s where I come in!

Feeling like Ricky Bobby

 and don’t know what to do with your hands?

I have no problem doing what it takes to get you to loosen up and get the shot, with easy natural posing, a handful of terrible puns, and a lot of creeping in fields and bushes. 

This couple was adamant they weren’t models and were always awkward in photos.

I once had a groom that was so shy, he couldn’t make eye contact with me during our consultation.  By the end of his wedding day, he actually booped my nose! (Yes, seriously!)  I will be your own personal hype man, and get just as excited for you as you were the day you said “YES!”  There’s a high chance you’ll hear me make some strange unintelligible noises when you’re freaking NAILING the shot.

I met Jessie with my guard up big time, but she quickly managed to break through and feel like an old friend. Rapidly through the process of being our photographer she's become a good friend of ours, photo sessions felt personal and everything came out stunning. Any challenges we ran into Jessie not only managed to pull off, but always ended up way better than we expected.

Robert & Katie

When did "Bride" start to mean "wedding Planner"?

Here’s the thing about weddings: planning them is stressful!  I want you to know that you can lean on me for all of your questions!  What time should I be done with hair and make-up?  How long after dinner do we wait to start dancing?  Should I cut my own bangs the night before the wedding? (Answer: hard no.)  As early as our initial consultation, I’ll sketch out a rough timeline of your day that you can give to all your other vendors to keep things organized!

Jessie was absolutely AMAZING. My husband and I would often say that it felt like our photographer was our best friend. She is relational, kind, and incredibly talented at what she does. I always felt comfortable in front of the camera, and she knew exactly how to position each shot she captured. In addition, she was the most organized and prepared vendor we worked with. She met with us several months out to ensure everything was ready, and she gave us a detailed list and time frame to help plan the photo schedule. I was so thankful for her wedding expertise and experience.

Jackie & Trent

With Our Powers Combined...

If you’re not sure which DJ is going to honor your request to never ever play the Macarena, or which stationer can make up those super cute invites you dreamed of, you’re going to love my exclusive insider’s list of amazing vendors. Each one is personally vetted based on my experiences with them, so you can stop wasting time on Google and spend more time with cool people who actually know what they’re doing!

Ultimately: you can trust me. I will become an extension of your wedding team, working to make your day perfect.  I want your day to be so full of love and joy that you’ll immediately want to do it all over again (once you return home from your honeymoon of course!)  The bottom line is, I’ll do what it takes to make you feel comfortable, excited, and beautiful all day long!



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Each package includes two professional photographers, a one-hour engagement session, edited galleries from all sessions with full printing rights, and a custom-designed album that perfectly tells the story of your day! 

Package pricing begins at $3600.